Pendant/Pin Zuni Knifewing Inlay
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Handcrafted Zuni Art

Navajo Turquoise Pendants
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Handcrafted Navajo Jewelry

Kachina, Ogre by Gibson Numkena
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Navajo Rug, Two Grey Hills, Classic Design, R. Nez
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Adsila - SOLD OUT
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2010 Little Red Faces Calendar
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Navajo Cradle Board - Baby
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A cradle board, more intimate than a carriage.

2016 Women of the Navajo Calendar
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Navajo Wedding and Ceremonial Basket from the Lukachukai Region
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This Basket was used and blessed by a Medicine Man during a sacred ceremony.

Thunder Drums 4, pow-wow music
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A collection of pure pow-wow mastery for every pow-wow lover.

Nizhoni - Navajo Doll in traditional clothing by Sarah Joe
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Lady Liberty Centennial
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Give me your Tired Poor ......


Native American Calendar’s.

* FINAL SALE 2016 Women of the Navajo Calendars!!!

* 2010 Little Red Faces, Inter-Tribal Edition. The one and only issue 2010, collector's item, by the Photographer of Woman of the Navajo


Little Red Faces, First Issue 2010 Calendar
A special appreciation is extended to the children we met while producing this calendar. We thank the parents and relatives who assisted with this project, without their help and generosity the First Edition of this calendar would have been more difficult to produce. The concept of “Little Red Faces” was to highlight our Native Children found among some of the native communities in the southwest. These children live and play among the most beautiful lands in Arizona and New Mexico. We were able to capture a bit of the culture through the various traditional clothing they wore. The background in each image is a small view of their true (playgrounds). All of these children belong to large extended families who love and care for them. It was an adventure gallivanting across New Mexico and Arizona meeting new people and communities. We wrapped up the project knowing our native culture and heritage is alive and well, as these Little Red Faces understand who they are and where they come from, thus establishing their cultural identity. So, on your next family trip to a native community you’ll probably run into some Little red Faces.
Photographer and Producer Larry Thompson, Arizona

Woman of the Navajo
Calendar with beautiful Native American Woman of the
Over the years these calendars have become hot collectable items as far away as Europe and Australia.
These calendars are always presented in great taste showcasing Navajo beauties.

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    Description Price
1.   2016 Women of the Navajo Calendar
Item No. WNC2016E
2.   2010 Little Red Faces Calendar
Item No. LRF2010E
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Handcrafted by Native American Artists