Pendant/Pin Zuni Knifewing Inlay
Only $145.00
Handcrafted Zuni Art

Navajo Turquoise Pendants
Only $99.95
Handcrafted Navajo Jewelry

Kachina, Ogre by Gibson Numkena
Only $720.00
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Navajo Rug, Two Grey Hills, Classic Design, R. Nez
Only $1,650.00
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Adsila - SOLD OUT
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A collectable Doll, to be loved and treasured by all ages!

2010 Little Red Faces Calendar
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Navajo Cradle Board - Baby
Only $89.95
A cradle board, more intimate than a carriage.

2016 Women of the Navajo Calendar
Only $19.95
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Navajo Wedding and Ceremonial Basket from the Lukachukai Region
Only $164.00
This Basket was used and blessed by a Medicine Man during a sacred ceremony.

Thunder Drums 4, pow-wow music
Only $17.98
A collection of pure pow-wow mastery for every pow-wow lover.

Nizhoni - Navajo Doll in traditional clothing by Sarah Joe
Only $80.00
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A Navajo Collectable Doll Created in Great Fashion Detail!

Lady Liberty Centennial
Only $17.75
Give me your Tired Poor ......


The Matinnecock Native Americans, an Algonquian people, are the aboriginal occupants of northwestern Long Island. Among the first to feel the impact of European settlement, and seldom mentioned after the colonial period, the Matinnecocks experienced profound changes after the seventeenth century. But they did not vanish; they are still an identifiable people.

In 1975 the tribe began the revitalization of its ancestral religion. To date, four ceremonies have been revived. Nunnowa ("Indian Thanksgiving") is held in October, and a midwinter ceremony takes place in February; naming and pipe ceremonies are held when appropriate.

Like the Algonquian remnants of southern New England, the Matinnecocks are now involved in a regional form of Pan-Indianism. ….a core group cling steadfastly to their Native American identity.

William Hawk
Eastern New Mexico University

Matinnecock artists proudly carry on the tribal traditions and express their talents in Native American jewelry design.

All items are individually hand made by Native Artists. Some items shown are for immediate delivery while others may be sold out and will be placed on special order. Note, since all items are handmade they will vary slightly from image shown.

    Description Price
1.   Arrowhead Nugget Necklace
Item No. WN109CLF
2.   Cascade of Turquoise and Coral Necklace
Item No. WN107CLF
3.   Classic Tapered Turquoise Necklace
Item No. WN113CLF
4.   Fire and Earth Coral Necklace
Item No. WN102CLF
5.   Mother Earth Necklace
Item No. WN101CLF
6.   Spirit of Nature Necklace
Item No. WN116CLF
7.   Turquoise Necklace with Kokopelli Pendant
Item No. WN106CLF
8.   Turquoise Onyx and Coral Necklace
Item No. WN117CLF
9.   Turquoise and Coral Necklace
Item No. WN118CLF
10.   Turquoise and Silver Beads Necklace
Item No. WN103CLF
11.   Turquoise with Silver Pearls Necklace
Item No. WN119CLF
12.   Whitewater Necklace
Item No. WN108CLF
All prices in US Dollars

Handcrafted by Native American Artists