Pendant/Pin Zuni Knifewing Inlay
Only $145.00
Handcrafted Zuni Art

Navajo Turquoise Pendants
Only $99.95
Handcrafted Navajo Jewelry

Kachina, Ogre by Gibson Numkena
Only $720.00
On SALE for only $540.00
Set aside for on-line sale only.

Navajo Rug, Two Grey Hills, Classic Design, R. Nez
Only $1,650.00
On SALE for only $990.00
This Rug reserved for internet sale!

Adsila - SOLD OUT
Only $36.00
A collectable Doll, to be loved and treasured by all ages!

2010 Little Red Faces Calendar
Only $19.75
On SALE for only $4.95
Don't miss the very first issue, when they are gone they are gone.

Navajo Cradle Board - Baby
Only $89.95
A cradle board, more intimate than a carriage.

2016 Women of the Navajo Calendar
Only $19.95
On SALE for only $9.95
Buy them for yourself or as a gift for someone special!

Navajo Wedding and Ceremonial Basket from the Lukachukai Region
Only $164.00
This Basket was used and blessed by a Medicine Man during a sacred ceremony.

Thunder Drums 4, pow-wow music
Only $17.98
A collection of pure pow-wow mastery for every pow-wow lover.

Nizhoni - Navajo Doll in traditional clothing by Sarah Joe
Only $80.00
On SALE for only $59.99
A Navajo Collectable Doll Created in Great Fashion Detail!

Lady Liberty Centennial
Only $17.75
Give me your Tired Poor ......


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Native American Sterling Silver and Turquoise Jewelry, Kachinas and Rugs;
Handmade by Artists from the, Navajo, Hopi and Zuni Reservations.

2015 Native American Calendars will not be published!



History & tips for identifying Native American regional tapestry designs of Navajo hand weavings.

Welcome to our Southwest Native American on-line Store; here you find great prices on original
Native American arts and crafts. We offer sterling silver jewelry with turquoise, black onyx and
mother of pearl inlays. Handcrafted pendant, pins, watchband, earring, belt-buckles, liquid silver
necklaces and more by Navajo, Hopi and Zuni silversmiths.
Some items such as Kachinas and Navajo rugs are offered on-line and also at old time
trading posts, (see About Us). We select and set aside some of these items for on-line purchase
only, while others, mainly rugs, are also available at the old time trading posts and on-line.
Inquire for availability on those items.


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Buying Jewelry $60 or more FREE shipping within U.S.A.
Buying Jewelry $90 or more FREE shipping outside U.S.A.

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* The Navajo World of Native American Sterling Silver and Turquoise Jewelry!
Pendants, Bracelets, Watch Bracelets, Earrings, Belt Buckles, Spiritual, Necklaces,
Liquid Silver Heishi; with Turquoise Stones, Coral Nuggets, Black Onyx.

* Zuni Jewelry, Native American Mosaics of Turquoise Gemstone Inlays!
Pins and Pendants in Sterling Silver: Arrowhead, Black Hawk, Knifewing, Feather,

* Hopi Jewelry, Native American Silversmithing in the High Mesas!
Pendants in Sand-cast Sterling Silver by Master Silversmiths in Butterfly, Feather,
Rain-cloud, Lightening and water-wave Designs.

* Hopi Spirit Images Hand carved from Cottonwood in the High Mesas.
Kachina Dolls (Spirits) from Hopi Master Carvers; Angwisi-Crow, Butterfly, Ogre etc,
Commission a Kachina carving from the Book “Kachina a Hopi artist’s documentary”.

* Navajo Authentic Native American Hand Weavings.
Navajo Hand-woven Rugs in Two Grey Hills, Yei Pictorial and Ceremonial, Ganado Red,
Raised Outline, Wide Ruin, Chief Blanket and Tree of Life Regional Designs.

* Navajo Ceremonial Baskets, Navajo Wedding Baskets, Navajo Cradle Boards.


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