Navajo Shoe Game Songs, Sammie Largo
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Navajo Shoe Game Songs, Sammie Largo
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Navajo Shoe Game Songs, Artist Sammie Largo
Ke'shje'e' Siin
1. Antelope Song 2. Participant Song 3. Participant Song 4. Ram Song 5. Owl Song 6. Skunk Song 7. Pigeon Song 8. Confused man Song 9. Man Chewing Beans 10. Bumpy Man 11. He Came Over With Bare Feet 12. Mountain Lion Has a Footache 13. Mouse Song 14. I got the Yucca Ball Back 15. Pregnant Owl 16. I'm a Boy, I Came for the Woman 17. Blue Bird Song 18. Cougar Coming with No Noise 19. A Ram In The Mountain 20. The Yucca Ball Is Hidden Now
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